Nya:wëh Sgë:nö’ - A Seneca Greeting
literally (I am thankful), (peace, well-being, healthy, content)
English Translation: "I am thankful you are well."
Onöndowa’ga:’ Gawë:nö’
literally (People of the Great Hill), (voice, language, word)
English Translation: "Seneca Language"
Ëyethinëtšinéhshö’ Immersed Learning Nest [ËILN]

April 2024

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“We will lend them our voices.”

This section features Hollywood movie clips that have been dubbed into the Seneca language.

Onöndowa’ga:’ Gawë:nö’ Ga:yádöshä́’shö’öh


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Seneca Language Topic Reference Guide (1987)

Onöndowa’ga:’ Gawë:nö’ Nigá:yadö́shä’s’à:h




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