Admissions Testing for Seneca Immersion Program

Admissions Process

Nya:wëh Sgë:nö’!

Welcome to the Deadiwënöhsnye’s Gëjóhgwa’ admission’s page.

There is no prerequisite for entrance into the program, however, you will need to pass the Admissions Test and have ALL application materials submitted by the stated deadline, which is Wednesday, December 4th.

UPDATE…. due to the Nation holiday on Wednesday, December 4th, Admissions testing will be extended until the end of business on Thursday, December 5th. The Wednesday, December 4th deadline stands for submission of the Application Materials listed below.

Additional Application Materials needed:

-Cover Letter (telling us why you would like to be part of the program)
-3 Work References (Name, Official Title, and Contact Information is sufficient)

You may submit this material via email to

You will need to memorize the RedBlue, and Purple forms of “nöe’s (like)” in order to take and pass the Admissions Test. To view the test in PDF format please click here : Immersion Admission Test Answers. Testing will be administered orally; therefore, there will be no need to learn reading and writing of the test words provided. There will be two administrators during testing. The test will also be timed.

The exam administrators will provide the Seneca phrase, and you will be expected to provide the English equivalent. You will then be provided the English phrase and must give the Seneca equivalent. A perfect score is expected in order to gain entrance into the program. The total time it takes you to complete the test, as well as the contents of your resume and you cover letter, are also factors that will be considered to determine whether or not you are admitted into the program.

When you feel you are ready to take the Admissions Test, then contact Brandon MARTIN using the information listed below to schedule an appointment to take the test.

Audio recordings can be heard at the link below and are designed to assist interested applicants in studying for the Admissions Test for a 1st Year Student position in the Deadiwënöhsnye’s Gëjóhgwa’ immersion program. If you would prefer a CD please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thank you very much for your interest in our program. We look forward to hearing from you!


Brandon MARTIN, PhD
Deadiwënöhsnye’s Gëjohgwa’ Director
Seneca Nation
86 Iroquois Drive
Irving NY 14081
(716) 532-4900 ext. 8920
Cell: (716) 331-7699

Additional Contacts;

Deadiwënöhsnye’s Gëjohgwa’ Ambassador & Code Mechanic

Deadiwënöhsnye’s Gëjohgwa’ Language Teacher